Advanced Behavioral Health Counseling

Specializing in Group, Individual, Coaching and Marital Therapy


Dear Clients,

I have attached an appointment scheduler for your convenience to set appointments, however if you prefer to call or contact me instead that is always available to you.  Also note time allowances and fees may change depending on the possibility of using insurance or paying out of pocket so don't let the figures dissuade you.   Please note that the scheduler will alert me when you make an appointment and if there are any conflicts I will contact you as my calendar changes frequently.  This calendar is not updated, but it still maybe helpful as I will have an idea of the times you are seeking and will be able to capture your insurance information if you are attempting to use that vehicle of payment.  Also for those who need reminders this will allow you to automatically receive reminder emails.    Please note this scheduler is in the infancy of development so it may take some time to streamline.