Advanced Behavioral Health Counseling

Specializing in Group, Individual, Coaching and Marital Therapy

Sex and Intimacy Therapy

Individual Counseling:

Anxiety, anger, grief, stress, depression, isolation, trauma, divorce, relationships and employment issues are dealt with to help you live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.   Counseling is a place where you can talk about your inner most conflicts in a safe and confidential environment.


We live in a society where there are so many challenges for families; there is too little time, too many pressures and very little affirmation of family values.  Therapy can help you deal with a troubled teen or establish structure or provide coping skills to improve family life.  My work with couples is unique and customized to the client therefore no insurance is accepted.


Teens face their own unique challenges that can be very stressful and isolating.  Sometimes they need to be able to turn to a professional who is objective and not part of the family.  Teens can be troubled with peer pressure, drugs, relationships and sexual identity issues.  Therapy can be a place where one can talk about issues candidly without reservation that they will be judged.


When marriages work they are the most beautiful experience one can have, but when they begin to unravel life becomes unbearable.  The person you share with becomes closed off, distant, annoying and someone you can't talk to anymore.  Finances, children, work and time all become more important than the couple.  Marital therapy in my opinion is not an option, but a "must."  It is challenging to stay connected, to weather the storms, to open up again after being hurt.  Couples need to do this within the confines of a safe environment where any topic can be discussed openly without fears of being unheard, ignored or criticized.  Investing in your marriage is a lifetime reward if you are willing to do the work.

Group Therapy:

Group therapy is a powerful vehicle for change and support. The research indicates it has the same efficacy as other forms of therapy. It is more affordable than individual therapy and allows for more universality amongs its members. What that means is there is power in a group, power in knowing that your not alone, power in hearing others, power in managing emotions with the support of others who are having similar experiences.